All Aboard The Discovery Express

Welcome on board the Discovery Express! The year is 1937 and a conundrum is afoot: a professor on the verge of a brilliant discovery has disappeared. Can you help to solve the clues on this time-travelling adventure and track down the missing scientist? On your voyage, you’ll travel the world, see some of the most important moments in the history of transport, meet the most brilliant engineers of all time, and ultimately unveil the design of the world’s first jet engine! With clues to solve on every page, this interactive lift-flap adventure is sure to spark the imaginations of aspiring scientists and engineers everywhere, as you travel back in time to discover the history of transport.

As a parent any time I can find a book for my kids that is both entertaining and educational that is a must buy. In this fun book we are given the chance to go on an adventure full of mysteries and games in order to solve the puzzle of the missing professor.

Readers will interact with the pages, hunt for clues, and travel through time as they peruse charming images designed to entice the imagination. Science and history blend together to tease the mind and the bright, contrasting illustrations will please the eye.

Overall this is one of those books that is a fun experience, deserving of a chance.

Thank you to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing Group for allowing me to review this!

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