Fierce Fighters Predators

For the world’s fiercest predators, winning is second nature. But what would happen if they forgot their prey and battled one another, instead? Featuring dozens of the world’s greatest hunters, Fierce Fighters: Predators showcases the most epic battles imaginable between the champions of the land, sea, and sky.

Grizzly versus mountain lion. Electric eel versus piranha. Orca versus great white shark. Komodo dragon versus tiger. Python versus king cobra. These aren’t just head-to-head match-ups—they are tooth-to-tooth and claw-to-claw. Deadly venom against powerful jaws. Speed and agility against brute force. Brainy mammals against cold-blooded reptiles with a survival instinct millions of years in the making. Weigh the skills of the contestants and try to guess who will emerge victorious, then check and see if the experts agree. In these dozens of earth-wide battles, can you predict the most ferocious fighters of all?

Any child who loves learning about animals needs this book! Science teachers, parents and librarians should keep a copy on hand, use it for zoo field trips, explore the animal kingdom and just have fun.

The first thing my daughters and I noticed were obviously the brilliantly vivid eye catching photos. The photographers who captured these magnificent creatures in these brief moments did a wonderful job of showcasing that predatory instinct that makes your skin shiver knowing you are about to be on the bottom of Mother Nature’s food chain. The image of the Great White leaping out of the ocean?! It is awe inspiring, breath taking and completely terrifying all at once. I had flashbacks to the PTSD I developed from watching 47 Meters Down – do NOT go cheap when scuba diving with sharks!

When you can finally, and painfully, tear yourself away from the addictiveness of the photographs to delve into the information that has been so thoughtfully presented you will find the journey here satisfying. My kids had fun with the “battle” of the animals as it reminded them of these YouTube videos where they pit various characters against each other and let the viewers vote who they think would win then showcase the ‘fight’; like Batman versus Spiderman or Bobo Fett versus Star Lord. The difference being you’re provided with actual stats and science plus these battles could actually happen.

Along with the battles and animal stats you get to learn about where the various creatures live, their habitats. We learn about their weapons, as in their body parts, which help them attack or defend themselves.

At the end you’re given a cheat sheet of sorts where experts have given their opinions on who would win in the matchups and why they chose their ‘winner’ so you have the chance to either feel victorious or now need to make your case for why they picked the wrong team.

It’s easy to see how you can use this book to go beyond it’s intended function and make games between friends and in the classroom with this information to create your own Battle of the Predators.

My kids had a lot of fun learning about the animals, looking at the pictures and choosing which ‘team’ they believe would win then creating their own match-ups.

Thank you to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing for allowing me to review this!

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