Science Candy

It’s science project time and Sam and Danny are headed to the candy shop to look for ideas. Whether they’re learning about refracting light, the states of matter, or the way erosion works, in this Candy School book, they’re sure to find how sweet learning can be. This is the 4th book in the Candy School chapter book series for beginning readers. Each story is self-contained and does not need to be read in order.

This beginning chapter book is for kids ages 4-8.

I didn’t know going in this was the 4th in a series but not having read the previous 3 didn’t hamper our ability to enjoy the story.

I read this with my daughters and they loved the idea of using candy for science projects; now they want me to stock up so they can do their own. The science used in the book was written as realistic and something that could be mimicked at home or in the classroom. The characters were enjoyable, the dialogue was well written and the story overall is easy to follow so your young child will have no problem getting into the story.

There were some very basic illustrations of the two students and the candy shop owner sprinkled here and there which although adorable and helped a bit with the story I felt more would have highlighted the fun of this story. You have candy and science so adding much more detailed and colorful images highlighting the experiments would have made the perfect finishing touch to really pop out the fun and exuberance of the plot.

Teachers, parents and students needing some science ideas or who just want to enjoy a sweet and easy story to read need to pick up this book. If the rest of the series is even half as good you should give them a chance.

Thank you to Netgalley and Xist Publishing for allowing me to review this!

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