The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook

Avonlea beckons in this cookbook inspired by the most famous Canadian children’s book, L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. “Kindred spirits” both young and old will enjoy experiencing late-nineteenth-century Prince Edward Island firsthand through the delicious recipes culled from the eight books in the Anne of Green Gables series.

From Poetical Egg Salad Sandwiches, to Anne’s Liniment Cake and Diana Barry’s Favorite Raspberry Cordial, these recipes are easy to prepare and delicious to serve up any day, on a weekend, or for special occasions! With full-color photography, whimsical illustrations, and quotes and anecdotes from the books, get ready to be immersed in Anne Shirley’s world.

If you grew up reading the Anne series then this book needs very little introduction. Surely you will remember how often food played a part in the young orphan’s life and if you don’t then you will still have no worry because the author has lovingly added quotes from the various books with each recipe to refresh your memory as to why this particular item is important. By the time you’re done flipping through the colorful, easy to read pages and salivating over the dishes presented you will want to bake up some treats then settle in with the books to enjoy them in a thoroughly more interactive way and relive this aspect of your childhood.

There are four sections of recipes. The first 3 are from the books and they are broken down by title with quotes from the chapters attached to the recipes. The last are recipes from L. M. Montgomery herself including an Americanized version of an old Irish staple – Shepard’s Pie.

All of the recipes are easy to follow, contain ingredients that will not be hard to come by and include pictures to help anyone who is cooking impaired so they can compare their dish to what it’s supposed to look like and gauge how close they got. I tried a few of these and found them quite easy to follow though I do admit to cooking regularly from scratch so I’m not exactly a beginner. Cooking tips and terms have been included as well as some advice from a seasoned cook so if carefully read and followed no worries should be had.

This collection was originally published in 1985 and has been updated with 11 new recipes and since this has been put together by none other than L. M. Montgomery’s own granddaughter it feels safe to say the integrity of what the author originally created has been kept intact.

If you are a “kindred spirit” of Anne’s then why shouldn’t you pick this up and join in her culinary adventures?

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