The Chosen Ones

I have known nothing but fear and death since the truth was revealed: I am a chosen one.


For centuries we have been raised as food for those who need our life’s blood in order to survive. But I’m done being a pawn in the sick and twisted lives of the beautiful blood drinkers. Determined, I will do whatever it takes to end the reign of the beautiful ones. 


Fortunately, I’m not alone in this war. With the help of other escaped chosen ones, and the mysterious and stunning Thanatos, I will discover a way to destroy those who wish us harm. But first, I must give up everything that matters and do the hardest thing of all…learn to trust myself. 


They took my friends, my family, and will take my life if given the chance. 
I won’t let that happen. 
I am a chosen one. 


The Chosen Ones Series:
The Beautiful Ones: Free Short story Prequel 
The Chosen Ones: Book 1
The Forsaken Ones: Book 2

This is an imperfect story that the Twilight fandom will love; you just need to ignore the repetition of phrases that will come up enough that you can recite them from memory during your dreams. Is that so bad? It just reminded me of this English professor I had that would make us go through our work and highlight repetition of words on the same page and phrases within the whole paper then give us limits in order to help us build our vocabulary so we didn’t bore or irritate the reader. I really want to find that professor and ask her to proofread this author’s works because she has talent to tell a story she just needs help ironing out the nuts and bolts.

We get a quirky female character (Jane) and potential male love interests that will have you harking back to the days of Bella, Eddy and Jakey who seem to have their personalities downloaded from the brain of the actors playing them. Jane can be difficult to like as I often found her to be on the annoying side but then many people felt that same way about Kristen Stewart’s take on Bella.

Teens are obsessed with love and the paranormal which is why Twilight became such a huge phenomenon and since this series is dedicated to that age group I know this will do fine.

You should read the prequel which is crazy good and will help you go into this with better feelings. This one is just romance heavy and not in a good way, there were a few too many inconsistencies, the dreaded love triangle that has become a mainstay YA trope, and the emotional rollercoaster of you like him, you don’t gets annoying but teens in general think of that stuff as swoon worthy.

The similarities to Twilight do end and unlike that series we get more adventure, plot twists, and deception with the requisite love and friendship angles that smooth out the rough edges. If you hang in there then the ending is good enough you’ll be glad you overlooked the warts and focused on the beauty.

Thank you to Netgalley and Lori Brighton for allowing me to review this!

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