Saison For Love

Liam Dempsey isn’t long for Antero. The bar where he’s been working is going downhill fast, and it’s time for him to move on. Even if moving on means moving from Colorado to Utah and leaving his sister and fledgling brewery behind. He’s not interested in forming any attachments before he leaves in a month, but after a sexy hook-up with his sister’s friend, he finds himself unsure where his future stands.

The last thing Ruth Colbert needs is something else on her plate. She has a restaurant to run, a chef to replace, and a cranky twelve-year-old to raise, but a steamy night with Liam was just what she needed. The only problem is, now she wants more, if only she could find the time for him. Just when things seem to be working out and she can see a possible future with Liam, someone from her past shows up to throw another wrench into everything.

The sequel to Love on Tap, this story focuses on some different characters with the same sweet romantic notions as the first. It would help quite a bit if you had read the first before moving to this one.

Liam is this good looking (which you can tell from the way women seem to want to throw themselves at him) bartender/brewer who is only too happy to supply the women with what they want. Benjamin has supplied us with the quintessential bad boy women can’t wait to get in bed and then become incredibly surprised when he doesn’t turn out to be commitment material.

To balance the ego and eye rolling masculinity we also get Ruth. A strong, beautiful, independent woman. She normally puts herself and her career ahead of men but wow I wish Liam was real and I could meet him because even he manages to convince her to hop aboard the Liam express.

Occasionally there comes a time in every bad boys life when he meets the woman who CAN alter his ways and it’s possible Ruth is Liam’s kryptonite. They’ve been friends for years so there wasn’t the insipid insta-love that seems so prevalent.

Since every good romance novel needs a twist, some kind of hardship the couple needs to overcome in order to prove they belong together, you have no need to worry because it has been provided in the form of an ex who appears out of thin air suddenly wanting a relationship with his daughter.

The dialogue was written in a conversational tone and the story moved pretty fast so it felt more like you were watching a movie than reading a book. It feels like she put her heart into these characters and the story they needed to tell; it is well balanced giving us context through both the eyes of Ruth and Liam.

Overall it’s a sweet story that will leave you feeling happy you gave it a chance.

Thank you to Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for allowing me to review this!

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