Superman Reborn

Superman’s life isn’t what it used to be, and he was living with that. But now the world he has built is crumbling away because of a mysterious foe. Will he be able to rescue the life he knew before it disappears forever?

Dan Jurgens, Peter J. Tomasi, and Patrick Gleason–the creative talent behind ACTION COMICS and SUPERMAN-present the first monumental Superman crossover event following DC Rebirth in SUPERMAN REBORN!

Collects ACTION COMICS #973-976 and SUPERMAN #18-19.

Rebirth seems to be the bane of many DC fans to the point I’m almost scared when I got to read and review one. I’ve had a mostly positive reaction to the series but I’m fairly new to the comic world so I haven’t built up that ride or die loyalty to only certain authors yet.

There is a great deal of emotion wound through these stories as if the authors are trying to provide a more intimate look at the characters rather than cater to the Michael Bay theory of plot lines with a big blowout. It still feels like you need some sense of the previous Superman lines in order to really understand all the context so I wouldn’t say a newbie should just jump into this because if you don’t know the past histories then these stories may not have the same impact. Considering how relatively small this graphic novel is compared to the content it contains it shows the talent of the writers that you finish out the last page feeling satisfied instead of overwhelmed. The writing is incredibly large-scale with big ideas that somehow feels easily paced rather than rushed or full of holes.

I liked how they resolved Clark’s story particularly as it was on my list as probable outcomes; finally got the ‘Fake News’ dealt with always a bonus. There was something innately classic, almost beautiful in a retro way, in how the story concludes; like it was trying to honor the journey that the characters and readers had undergone to get to this point. Lois has been given the strong voice she deserves. Jon was even given a decent story arc so he felt like he belonged in the story and wasn’t just there for filler. You’re going to love the Big Bad in this arc as it’s not someone who appears often in Supe’s constant battle of good vs evil but when he shows you can bet it’s going to be a magically roaring good time!

I liked the artwork I just wish there had been some consistency from one story to another. You had stories with more of the prototypical linear panels, minute details, dark colors, more ‘adult’ like then others were less defined, larger shapes, brighter colors, panels almost seemed cubism inspired, kind of childlike. But in that defense the art work did seem to fit the story that was being told at that time; I just wish it felt more cohesive and less like they let a bunch of people take turns trying to make their mark.

Thank you to Netgalley and DC Comics for allowing me to review this!

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