Batman Day: 23 Sept 2017, Saturday

Batman Day first began as a way to honor his 75th anniversary and this year being Harley Quinn’s 25th anniversary she’s getting to crash the caped crusader’s special day. She debuted in 1992 on Batman: The Animated Series and has become a staple in the DC universe with her own comics, graphic novels, Halloween costumes, video game role, toys, theme park rides, fashion line and movie roles.

One of the fun aspects of Batman Day is how DC Entertainment joins up with comic book stores, libraries, online retailers, free standing book stores and more across the country and the digital world to offer great events and even better deals so we can honor Gotham’s Dark Knight and its beautiful but crazy supervillain.

Head over to Build-a-Bear by clicking the image below to get your own Harley:Harley Quinn Bear

Click the links below for some fun goodies to print off so you can celebrate BATMAN (HARLEY) DAY!

Batgirl Coloring Page 8

Batgirl Coloring Page

Batman Coloring Page 2

Batman Coloring Page 3

Batman Coloring Page 4

Batman Coloring Page 5

Batman Coloring Page 6

Batman Coloring Page 7

Batman Coloring Page 9

Batman Coloring Page

Batman Mask 2

Batman Mask

bedtime activity

connect the dots

decode the jokes

Detect the difference 2

Detect the difference 3

Detect the difference

draw batman 2

draw batman 3

draw batman

Draw your dreams

Follow the line

Harley Coloring Page 2

Harley Coloring Page 3

Harley Coloring Page 4

Harley Coloring Page 5

Harley Coloring Page 6

Harley Coloring Page 7

Harley Coloring Page 8

Harley Coloring Page 9

Harley Coloring Page

Harley Mask

Lego quiz

maze 2

maze 3

maze 4


Mystery Word

pick the pretender

secret hero society 2

secret hero society

word scramble 2

word scramble 3

word scramble

word search


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