The Jingle Bell Bride

New York wedding planner Jessica Christie always goes above and beyond for her clients. So, stopping in Alaska to pick up the famed Jingle Bell flower for her famous client’s bouquet doesn’t seem too outrageous–until she ends up stranded there.

Matt Holden has spent the last five years since his fiancée died, living in a virtual bubble in Alaska. His research work as a botanist and assistant at the local reindeer farm keep him busy during the holidays.

But when Jessica Christie bursts into his life, all bets are off. Her stay is definitely temporary, but the feelings she ignites aren’t. Could Ms. Oh-So-Wrong actually be Mrs. Right?

Scarlet Wilson brings us a charming series to entice our holiday spirit to get ready for the Christmas season. The Jingle Bell Bride is the second in the series but she uses different characters and settings so they feel almost more like standalone stories.

In this second book Wilson provides a plot where the relationship moves very quickly so for those of you who like the slow burn be prepared but if you’ll allow yourself to get invested in the characters you might find the pace of their relationship doesn’t matter so much. We have these two distinct personalities, Jessica and Matt, who meet in a really cute way that you can see being one of those great ‘meet-cute’ stories that gets told every year.

Her evolution of Matt as someone who is going through the grieving process only to find healing in falling in love again felt very quick as if she compressed the normal healing period but I didn’t feel as if it took away from the overall enjoyment of the novel. It gives you the feel of one of those Hallmark Holiday movies.

It’s a sweet, funny, PG kind of romance story which is perfect for the season to give you something to escape into and get you in the Christmas mood.

Thank you to Netgalley and Tule Publishing for allowing me to review this!

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