The Uncrossing

Luke can uncross almost any curse—they unravel themselves for him like no one else. So working for the Kovrovs, one of the families controlling all the magic in New York, is exciting and dangerous, especially when he encounters the first curse he can’t break. And it involves Jeremy, the beloved, sheltered prince of the Kovrov family—the one boy he absolutely shouldn’t be falling for.

Jeremy’s been in love with cocky, talented Luke since they were kids. But from their first kiss, something’s missing. Jeremy’s family keeps generations of deadly secrets, forcing him to choose between love and loyalty. As Luke fights to break the curse, a magical, citywide war starts crackling, and it’s tied to Jeremy.

This might be the one curse Luke can’t uncross. If true love’s kiss fails, what’s left for him and Jeremy?

I really wanted to like this book, I went in with high expectations because I have had great success with about everything I’ve read from Entangled Publishing but I don’t know if they got a new editor or what but this just didn’t feel up to their usual standards.

First the positive such as the story itself seemed really adorable and the LGBTQ market needs more growth particularly in the YA area so I was glad someone took the time to go that route versus another boy/girl love story. The world building is decent, there is some good humor laced lightly within the lines and Eastlake did a good job mixing old world supernatural elements with modern ones like social media.

For the most part I liked the character work; Luke and Jeremy are written so you hope they get a happy ending. Luke’s part reminded me a bit of Supernatural with the whole hex and witch thing since he has the power to reverse hexes, pretty sure they did a few episodes of people getting hexed, so I liked what the author did with that theme. Jeremy is this guy that I just felt like hugging and protecting from the world. He’s written beautifully and Eastlake did a great job in showcasing the difficulty of having family that doesn’t fully accept your sexuality along with personal struggles.

The negative aspect of the character work though is Jeremy sometimes feels like he’s an immature child throwing temper tantrums with dramatic tendencies to blow things out of proportion. He reminded me a bit like Jack in Will and Grace particularly when he’d get all howler monkey screechy. It also felt like they fought more than they showed affection towards one another.

At times I felt like I got dropped into the middle of something without being given enough information as to how this world worked; it was written as if this was the sequel so I should have picked everything up I needed to know before starting this. Honestly I hated the ending as it felt like the story just suddenly stopped mid chapter and the author forgot to add some closure.

It wasn’t terrible but I could’ve done with less arguing, the editing definitely needed to be more thorough and the ending should be a complete ending without stuff just left out there to figure out on your own.

Thank you to Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for allowing me to review this!

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