Ultimate Expeditions Rainforest Explorer

Deep in the Amazon jungle, an awe-inspiring adventure awaits . . . but so does danger!

The world’s most massive rain forest promises both beauty and peril. Young readers will thrill to the tales of explorer Harold Bennington, just returned from a research expedition during which he recorded his observations of the most magnificent creatures he encountered. From pink river dolphins to blood-sucking bats to fierce jaguars, these beautiful beasts are described so vividly they seem to pounce off the page!

Complete with illustrations, maps, photos, and facts, Ultimate Expeditions: Rainforest Explorer is the perfect companion for the aspiring adventurer. Each of the eight animal profiles comes with assembly instructions and materials to make your own 3-D model.

Starting with a letter dated in 1924 we learn that we’re holding a journal that will take us on an expedition into the Amazon. This notebook showcases amazing animals and exotic places that tap into our adventurous side.

Pages of animal facts are graced with beautiful illustrations, eye catching photographs and maps to help us see where these gorgeous creatures thrive. We learn about their living, eating, sleeping habits and more as they are organized in a documentary style as if this was a real journal kept by a real explorer.

It’s perfect for kids who love animals and want to explore more of the world. It’s easy to read, understand and enjoy for the young and young at heart.

Thank you to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing Group for allowing me to review this!

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