Ludlow Lost

This first book in Kate Robinson Dunne’s Osgoode Odyssey introduces readers to Ludlow Osgoode and an assortment of creatures human beings don’t believe in.

A few interesting facts about these creatures…

1. Banshees are not known for their ability to nurse children back to health and are definitely not qualified to prescribe medication.

2. Goblins have terrible memories and are known to hold grudges, although they usually can’t remember why.

3. Fairies are not known for kidnapping human children, nor for having their hearts broken by them, but both of these things have happened—this is the story of it.

Growing up in an Irish family I developed a love and enjoyment for all things fairytale at a young age. Since becoming an adult I still find myself gravitating towards these stories to capture the magic I once had in my childhood.

Dunne takes this idea that’s been done a million times and puts her own whimsical spin and spark into it so we get a story full of action, surprises and humor. A fairy kidnaps a child and they go on extraordinary adventures, meeting strange and interesting characters along the way. How is that not going to be charming?

In some ways it feels like a mother telling her child a magical story about fairies, banshees and a lovely adventure that will have you meeting all kinds of fantasy creatures both good and bad. There’s enough humor to light up a smile on your face or even get the occasional chuckle. There wasn’t anything scary enough that I’d be worried about traumatizing my 8 yr old as I read to her.

Dunne’s writing is smart and snappy enough to work for both the young and young at heart. I read this outloud to my 7 and 8 yr old at bedtime across a few nights and they had no trouble keeping up with the pace and enjoying the story in fact there were times they wanted me to read more but my throat was giving out, lol. We are given endearing characters that connect on a heartwarmingly emotional level and having grown up under the influence of Roald Dahl I often thought of his writing style as we poured through this delectable fantasy adventure.

My kids are eagerly anticipating the next offering in 2019.

Thank you to Netgalley and Two Pigeons Press for allowing me to review this!

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