Super Sons, Volume 1: When I Grow Up

Superboy and Robin, the sons of Superman and Batman, take center stage as a reluctant super-team in an all-new series bursting out of the DC Universe Rebirth event!

When Robin (Damian Wayne) discovers a connection between a series of mysterious crimes and the aftermath of the bizarre and deadly Amazo Virus, he needs Superboy (Jonathan Kent) to aid in the investigation. But when the duo learn that the teenage Kid Amazo has plans that put the entire Justice League in danger, they need help from an unlikely source: Lex Luthor!

Even if the odd couple of young heroes survive Luthor’s assistance, they’ll have to face a possibly greater threat: the combined forces of Robin’s tutor, Alfred Pennyworth, and Superboy’s mother, Lois Lane!

Acclaimed writer Peter J. Tomasi (SUPERMAN) and superstar artist Jorge Jimenez (EARTH 2: SOCIETY) launch an explosive new generation of adventure in SUPER SONS VOL. 1, collecting issues #1-5 of the popular series.

I had so much fun reading this with my kids and they loved getting to read about the children of Batman and Superman. The chemistry between the boys felt similar to what we’ve come to know between their fathers which made their relationship feel easier to buy into. My son loved all the “boys will be boys” kind of concepts particularly since he’s surrounded by girls so often between me and his sisters. There was so much humor entwined in the story we were laughing a lot while reading through the stories.

The dialogue was so wonderfully done between the guys it felt like you were listening to a real conversation taking place. He really managed to capture the linguistics and speech patterns of adolescent boys.

The action shots were great and believable for the age range and capabilities of the characters. Their motivations, emotions and choices they made felt realistic to the characters and settings. I felt like Tomasi did a good job of making the kids feel like kids instead of grown adults – kind of like when TV series get 20/30 somethings to play teenagers.

The artwork is rendered perfectly for the age range and story that is being told. I felt like Jorge Jimenez took care to capture the youthfulness of what Tomasi was writing which really helped keep us in the story. The kids definitely looked like kids and the way he illustrated them, even in action scenes, made my own kids love these stories even more.

I just hope adults who read this remember what it was like to be a kid enjoying the fun comics is supposed to bring and can view it through that lens. Comics have become increasingly dark for such a long time now, getting to read something with light banter and youthful playfulness was like getting to have that perfect slice of cake after finishing your vegetables; cleansing and refreshing 🙂

Thank you to Netgalley and DC Comics for allowing me to review this!

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