Feliz Navidad, querido dragón / Merry Christmas, Dear Dragon

An easy story, in English and Spanish, about a boy and his pet dragon that enjoy winter activities and prepare for a very merry Christmas. Beginning-to-Read™ books foster independent reading and comprehension. Using high frequency words and repetition, readers gain confidence while enjoying stories about everyday life and adventures. Full-color and updated illustrations included. Reading reinforcement activities and a note to caregivers are included. Activities focus on foundational, language and reading skills.

Perfect for an early introduction to Spanish or for ESL.

If only dragons were real it’d make snow shoveling so much easier. The book focuses on winter and family activities like baking cookies, decorating the tree, shoveling snow and more.

It’s written in a very easy to read and understand rhythmic pace. Kids can learn to read and learn a new language at the same time thanks to the bilingual story.

The illustrations are brightly colored, depict the fun of the story and will help keep children focused while bringing the book to life.

There are educational lessons after the story that show the multiple levels this book can be used for at home and in the classroom.

As a parent reading this with my kids one of the fun things for  me was that not every piece of the story was given which allowed me to make it more interactive, ask my daughter questions, and help increase her critical thinking skills. For example:

The story has the following sentences:

“Look at this. Down, down it comes.”

After reading that I asked my daughter what was coming “down” in the picture – which was snow. That led to me talking to her about snow, how it forms, what you can do with it, etc. There were many instances where the simplicity of the story allowed for much deeper lessons and more quality with my kids.

I like the series and have found it to be very educational and helpful. My kids adore the dragon.

Thank you to Netgalley and Norwood House Press for allowing me to review this!

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