The Wacky Winter Wonderland!

This third book in the series based on the picture book Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble brings readers three more stories of magical mayhem from the award-winning creative duo Tracey Corderoy and Joe Berger. Pandora and her grandmother are getting ready for Christmas, but of course the Winter Wonderland just wouldn’t be the same without Granny waving her wand so that it’s filled with fun! A pet show is full of the (un)usual surprises, and a field trip the museum makes history with Granny in tow. Life for Pandora is never boring!

Corderoy continues her series about Granny the witch and her young granddaughter, a girl named Pandora. Granny actually reminds me a bit of Aunt Clara from that old show Bewitched who has a good heart but her spells have a habit of not going as intended or causing more mayhem.

Three stories are contained in this novel that showcase the hijinks and hilarity that come with magic and a little bit of imagination. Even Pandora’s friends are treated to some of the fun when a decrepit fake snow carnival is turned into a real one with a slight flick of the wrist or in this case a wand.

We get a story that is ripe for the Christmas holiday season about a junky farm getting turned into a winter wonderland, another about a pet contest where magical help goes awry and finally a Museum comes to life.

Early readers will find these stories easy to read and the simple yet artistic illustrations will help move the story along. Teachers, parents and librarians will find these to be good additions and great learning tools not just for the words but also for the lessons imparted within them.

If you have a young reader who enjoys magic and witches then you should let them have a shot at this during the Halloween season.

Thank you to Netgalley and Candlewick Press for allowing me to review this!

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