Cuba is experiencing a cultural and culinary renaissance. With a recent influx of investment and tourism flooding the country, paladares (private restaurants) are on the forefront of change. This is the first book to tell the story of Cuban cuisine through the lens of the restaurant owners, chefs, farmers, and patrons, while examining the implications of food short­ages, tourism, and international influences of a country experiencing a paradigm shift in cooking.

Filled with 150 authentic and modern recipes adapted for the home cook, from classics like Ham and Cheese Empanadas to Pumpkin Flan with Spinach and Saffron, and 350 vivid color photographs, Paladares brings the country’s spirited cooking into your own kitchen.

Photographs and art inspired by the Cuban culture greet and entice you to flip the pages of this delicious, mouthwatering cookbook. It is so much more than a bunch of recipes, it is a journey into an entire country.

An introduction filled with historical background to help you appreciate the people and the food along with recipe that have both their name in Spanish and English further entrench you into the mindset needed to recreate these delectable dishes. You’re also treated to inspiring and true behind the scene stories that add a sense of family to the book.

The author did a wonderful job of creating this feeling of being in the kitchen listening to stories being told as you can imagine the fragrance of food wafting around you.

Beautiful and realistic looking photographs of the dishes are interspersed to help give you a better idea of what your creation should look like.

Don’t let the simple cover deceive you because inside is a true piece of art that will have you running to the grocery store and busting your budget to try out as many of these as possible.

The instructions are easy to follow, have tips along the side for additional info and include amounts in cups, grams and mls so no conversion fun is needed.

Thank you to Netgalley and Abrams for allowing me to review this!

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