You’re Gonna Love Me

Award-winning author Robin Lee Hatcher is back with another beautiful love story that gives two people a second chance at love after a tragic twist of fate.

Samantha Winters prefers her life to be safe and secure, and rightly so. She lost her father in a skiing accident a few years ago and has been fearful ever since. Then she fell in love with Nick Chastain, who is a brilliant professor of fisheries and wildlife studies at Oregon State University but also an adrenaline junkie.

For spring break, Nick plans a kayaking trip on the rapids in Colorado. His thrill-seeking ways don’t sit well with Samantha, and after one argument too many—and a host of harsh words exchanged— the couple of six months end their relationship. Once she cooled down a few weeks later, Samantha emailed an apology to Nick. He never replied.

Two years later, Samantha moves to Thunder Creek, Idaho, to care for her grandmother. She is shocked when Nick walks into Gran’s hospital room and even more shocked to learn he no longer teaches at the university.

As Samantha and Nick get to know one another again, Samantha decides she should use her time in Thunder Creek to evaluate her life . . . and her fears. Could Nick have changed so much in just a matter of years, or will the call for adventure lure him back to his dangerous ways? Is love worth the risk of heartbreak all over again?

Robin Hatcher is the kind of author you can count on to provide clean, refreshing stories that take you away and let you believe that faith can really make a difference for the good.

Within the pages you get a fresh, comforting backdrop for her story about love, family, friends, forgiveness, letting go of fears and second chances.

Hatcher creates imperfect characters that do realistic things, even if that means making them do something stupid like ending a relationship out of fear, so that you can actually care about what they’ll do and how they’ll get out of these circumstances they’ve created. She makes it even better when the people they were rude to pop back into their lives in the most unusual of places so they have no choice but to deal with the repercussions of their choices. There are no easy, pat answers handed over instead they have to work through some personal growth to climb out of that hole.

All of this means you just might pick up a few life lessons along the way of enjoying a good story.

I will say it’s better if you read You’ll Think of Me her previous book. The major characters from that one take some prominence in this so it’d provide better backstory and if you haven’t it’ll ruin how that one ended.


Thank you to Netgalley and Thomas Nelson for allowing me to review this!

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