Penelope March Is Melting

This is the story of a twelve-year-old girl who lives in a miraculous town on an iceberg.
The iceberg is melting.
And she’s the only one who can stop it.
The town of Glacier Cove sits on top of an iceberg. Nothing bad ever happens there. Until now. And it’s up to Penelope March to stop it.

Mmm-hmm, that Penelope—the bookworm who lives in the ramshackle house with her brother, Miles. The girl with the mom who—poof!—disappeared. The one everyone ignores . . . except strange Coral Wanamaker, a tiny thing with raven-black hair and a black coat.

When Penelope meets someone who seems to know secrets not only about Glacier Cove but about Penelope herself, she and Miles are pulled into an ancient mystery. Together, they’ll face the coldest, cruelest enemy ever known. Looks like the girl who only reads about adventures is going to start living one.

Just in time for the holiday season we get a story that shows how much warmth exists in the cold.

Ruby’s sense of humor really shines through this funny story perfect for kids and the adults who need a little return to the magic of childhood. The jokes he sprinkles about his story, the side of compassion and love he integrates between his characters will all bring a smile to your face as you work your way through this delightful tale.

As avid readers we can all connect to Penelope in some way thanks to her curious nature and sense of adventure. Children will find themselves rooting for her success and hoping she find some happiness and connection in her life as she doesn’t seem to have much in the way of friends. She does have a wonderful relationship in Miles so all is not lost.

The action and fast pace will make it easy to stay glued to the pages so you can discover how exactly Penelope is going to shoulder her responsibility of having to save a whole town. Despite its length it felt like a very quick read so I wouldn’t let the number of pages scare off any of the younger readers.

It’s written for and geared towards middle school, older elementary age children and for them it’s written perfectly. I think adults may have some problems but if you have to remember it’s not written for you and the things you find lacking kids think are cool.

I always run these kinds of books by my kids and let them help me review them and they loved it so I based the above opinions on their feelings. They would love to go on more adventures with Penelope.

Thank you to Netgalley and Delacorte Books for allowing me to review this!

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