Talk of Shame

Goodbye, high school. Hello, Alpha Chi!

Somerville University. Katie, Jill, and Beatrice kick off freshman year with high hopes, but life doesn’t go as planned. Old grudges bubble up. New friendships aren’t what they seem. One thing is for sure: no one wants to get caught on the Talk of Shame feed, the university’s unofficial gossip site. One bad pic, and your reputation is shot. Unfortunately, that’s a lesson learned the hard way… #TalkOfShame

Katie’s hard work got her into the prestigious university. Her aunt is paying her tuition on one condition: Katie must join a sorority—Kappa Kappa Theta (KKT.) There’s just one problem. Katie was kicked out of the “cool clique” in high school. Now she’s independent and scared to become a sorority girl. But is she using independence to protect herself from forming relationships? Especially if it’s with the gorgeous editor of Somerville University’s student newspaper?

Jill chose Somerville for one reason: Alpha Chi Alpha (AXA). It’s the most stunning sorority house on campus, and only the prettiest girls become sisters. Jill has always been a southern belle whose confidence and humor have won her lots of friends—and quite a few hook-ups. She has yet to have a steady boyfriend. But that’ll happen automatically once becoming a Chi Alpha. Right?

And then there’s Beatrice. The perfect frenemy: something that comes easy to the young coed. A member of Chicago’s wealthy elite, Beatrice wears only the best labels, drives only the hottest cars. But her status comes at a price: lasting friendship. Beatrice manipulates others in order to protect herself, and her childhood friendship with Katie was the first one to suffer. Will Somerville give her the chance to reconcile and find her true self?

Katie, Jill, and Beatrice may not always get along. But together they champion and struggle with the ins-and-outs of Greek Row, a life of hook-ups, heartbreak, backstabbing, and cheating. Both in and out of the classroom.

Mean Girls meets Gossip Girl and let it exploded. If you’re into teen drama, dreaming of (or remembering) those good ol’ college days, sorority rush periods (including the hazing that may or may not happen) and the feeling that all of it will last forever then you are going to love this book. Everwood captured that time of life, or at least what people imagine it to be, perfectly. I went to a private ‘christian’ college and neither my college days or sorority life were like this so I’m still trying to figure out if I missed out or should be glad, lol.

Let’s face it, sometimes you need that ‘junk food’ book that is for pure entertainment because have you seen the state of the world lately? If you don’t get something to chill out for a few hours and take the stress off you’re going to end up on going viral on social media for threatening people over chicken nuggets. McDonalds is just NOT that good to be flipping out over – read a book, it’ll take the edge off those nugget cravings.

Most of what you think the plot is supposed to be about, that juicy “Talk of Shame” bit seems to be held off to the end and feels like forever to get there only because we all know that is exactly why you picked this to read. But fear not, because she does get there so slow your roll! I think I just dated myself.

Anyways –

I honestly think this kind of story would play out better on the screen than on the pages but that could be because I’ve already been conditioned for these kinds of stories in that media. I even had certain actresses popping up in my head in place of the characters written here. It is the character work that really drives this book, not the storyline you were expecting.

Though she provides a tidy ending to wrap it all up I could still see this being carried on to their Sophomore year and so on.

Thank you to Netgalley and be-ebooks for allowing me to review this!

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