The Calm Buddha at Bedtime

Growing up in the modern world, our children have to cope with an ever-increasing amount of stress, which can feel worrying to both them and us. The ancient wisdom of Buddhism, with its emphasis on peace, mindfulness and compassion, is the ideal basis for helping any child face these challenges with inner confidence and calm. Building on the age-old art of storytelling, this beautiful book retells 18 ancient Buddhist tales in a way that is thoroughly fun and accessible to children. Featuring original, full-page illustrations, the stories will transport children into imaginary worlds of enlightenment and discovery. Here, they will meet all sorts of delightful characters and discover easy-to-understand Buddhist messages that will empower them to think about how they can apply values such as patience, honesty, authenticity and generosity in their own lives. Designed either to be read aloud by parents to their 4–8 year olds or to be read by the older age range on their own, these compelling narratives help to focus and calm the mind, providing a soothing transition into sleep. And the selection of gentle mindfulness meditations at the end provides an extra practical dimension that can be used at any time to help enhance a sense of a calm and contentment.

An excellent collection of stories perfect for kids will teach them compassion and wisdom which will generate wonderful thoughts to drift off to as they crawl into bed.

The story lengths are adequate to teach a positive lesson and get it across in a simple manner so they can understand without having to go into long, drawn out explanations but are still short enough they can be easily done with you sitting by their side trying to get them to sleep.

I’ve read and reviewed quite a few story collections over 2017 but surprisingly this is the first time I was unable to find a story that I didn’t like – a complete surprise as there always seems to be a few that missed the mark with me. I truly enjoyed reading these with my kids and even continuing our discussions over breakfast the next day or on the car ride to school so the positivity we started the night before was stretched long into the following day.

My girls are still young and at an age when bullying is in its primitive form so trying to teach them compassion and kindness will hopefully spread its way through to their friends and others.

I liked the meditations as they were easy to follow and helped teach all of us new ways to calm ourselves whether it’s because we’re trying to get ready for bed or deal with a stressful situation.

I highly recommend this book as it is so much more than just another way to get your kids to sleep, it’s about changing your overall life outlook.

Thank you to Netgalley and Watkins Publishing for allowing me to review this!

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