Ultimate Expeditions: Dinosaur Hunter

Though dinosaurs are long extinct, their bones can be used to piece together the puzzle of their past. Fossil hunter Jackson Foster has just returned from a three-month expedition uncovering the remains of dinosaurs that roamed across North America millions of years ago, and he has a fascinating tale to tell. From the massive and toothy Tyrannosaurus rex to the speedy Coelophysis that traveled in packs, Ultimate Expeditions: Dinosaur Hunter brings to life eight incredible creatures, with illustrations, maps, fossil finds, and facts about when, where, and how they lived.

Accompany Foster on his thrilling adventures, and take a trip beyond the page and back to a time when animals were larger than elephants, some weighing more than 88,000 pounds! Follow the assembly instructions to create your own fierce 3-D models of each dinosaur.

As a parent I thought this book was wonderful as it takes you on an indepth and educational journey to understand dinosaurs. It even starts with a letter from your ‘tour guide’ who explain he just finished an expedition.

The illustrations and photographs provide this feeling you are reading a real journal that is accompanied by easy to read notes on the various dinos and their habitats.

My kids loved it and want a printed version particularly as that, as opposed to the digital copy I have, comes with hands on activities to bring the information to life.

If you have a dinosaur fan I, and my kids, highly recommend picking this up – would make a great Christmas gift!

Thank you to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing for allowing me to review this!

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