The Snowbear

Snow comes in the night, and Iggy and Martina make a snowbear. But then a sledge ride takes them deep into the woods. How will they get back home again? With a simple text and beautiful illustrations, it will be read again and again. Themes of friendship, loyalty, and bravery make it a great choice for story time, as a bedtime read or on car trips. Children will love the crisp, wintry setting brought to life by Claire Alexander’s art.

It’s the Christmas season and parts of the world, just not where I’m at, get to experience snow making this the perfect story to read with your kiddos.

Christmas and snow melt together to create magic in the world especially for kids who just want to play, sled and create that oh so iconic image –  a Snowman.

This is a wonderful, heart warming story about that happier side of childhood; how imagination can change the world around you for the better. Although I have no childhood memories of playing in snow the story made me feel like I was experiencing it through the author’s eyes with this simple yet rewarding tale. It’s perfect to read as your kids are drifting off to sleep to send them off with fun dreams, in the classroom, or around the brightly lit Christmas tree.

The illustrations really help tap into the heart and essence of what the author was trying to convey as they leap off the page and bring out your holiday spirit.

Thank you to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing Group for allowing me to review this!

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