Ultimate Expeditions Mythological Beasts

Imagine if the monsters of mythology were real. What if there really were fire-breathing Chimeras in Turkey, or blood-sucking Chupacabras in Puerto Rico? After uncovering a mysterious fossil that appears to be the remains of a mythical animal, archeologist Kimberly travels across the globe to uncover secrets about beasts long thought to be the stuff of fantasy.

Fascinating fun facts, newly unearthed archeological findings, and vivid illustrations link these mythic beasts to modern-day animals and are sure to ignite the imagination of any inquisitive mind. In addition to the detailed profiles, Ultimate Expeditions: Mythological Beasts features a 3-D paper model for each creature, enabling you to get up close and personal with these thrilling beasts.

From the remote mountains of Turkey to high in the Himalayas of Nepal to the small rural villages of Puerto Rico, a globetrotting adventure awaits.

Author L. J. Tracosas looks at the world as it could be if our imaginations were allowed to run wild. We are treated to an expedition across the world from Turkey to Puerto Rico following hot on the trail of the most amazing animals and monster that have ever grazed our dreams and nightmares.

Using scientific principles through archeology and artistic license to create vivid illustrations that could have leaped from your brain to page we are given surprisingly realistic profiles just as if you were learning about elephants, tigers and bears OH MY! Along with 3-D models to allow you a more personal connection to the various mediums used to bring these creatures to life feels like a meta trip through their habitats.

We also get to learn about where these animals were created / originated from which allows a great intro into discussing the various cultures around the world and their similarities / differences to your own. Thanks to the rise of books founded in mythos like the Harry Potter series and the various ones by Rick Riordan this is a great addition to learning about where those authors found their inspiration.

My girls found this book fascinating and loved learning about the monsters as if they’re real. It’s a great educational opportunity especially since the kids can make paper models of the creatures. You can talk about reality versus fiction, what the world would be like if these animals were real, etc.

Thank you to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing Group for allowing me to review this!

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