Creator of Artistic Bent

tara 2

Irish girl who loves to read, write, create and share that passion with others.

I have my degree in Psychology. I have Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome and an auto-immune disorder which I’ve learned to manage through healthy lifestyle changes. I would say I’m firmly in the camp that watching what you eat and practicing regular exercise provides lifelong benefits. I’ve traveled enough to know there’s no place like home. I lead a running group, love to run 5Ks with my kids, 10Ks with my husband and I am perpetually hopeful someday I can run a marathon. I also love to cook and bake so I keep a Facebook album full of my perfected recipes for my friends and family to try.

I am the Vice Chair for my City Council’s Library Board, I also sit on my City Council’s Planning and Zoning Board, I’ve attempted to be a voice for those with Special Needs in our school system by joining the PTA and Advisory Boards, and I write articles for those with special needs children. I also review books, graphic novels, and visual media. I post reviews on Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads and other social media sites in order to maximize attention to the product.

I have 2 autistic daughters so I am a passionate supporter of causes dedicated towards those with special needs both in America and in the UK since we are a bi-continent family. Last and most important, I’m admittedly a coffee addict but my go to drink when I need a happy moment is a cup of Barry’s Tea 🙂