The Breathless

And maybe there are secrets better left to the dead.


Stevie Moon is famous…at least to the subscribers on her comic review vlog.

The Bride of Glass

Perrie Madeline is trapped in Vale’s clutches as the Bride. Can Perrie find a way to escape her mental prison?

This Mortal Coil

In this gripping debut novel, gene-hacking genius Cat is the only one who can decode her late father’s message concealing a vaccine to a horrifying plague.


An unlikely teenager starts a feminist revolution at a small-town Texan high school

The Nowhere Girls

Three misfits come together to avenge the rape of a fellow classmate


Together they find their quiet town holds a deep secret and is the epicenter of a dark prophecy. 

Robyn Hood Outlaw Princess

Robyn Hood: Outlaw Princess is based on a full-length musical of the same name for which the author wrote the storyline, dialogue and lyrics (music by Gary Daverne).– 


When Allie’s best friend dares their group to play a game in a cemetery—something she calls “witching”—Allie never expects what it might mean for her.


Time flies when you’re plundering history.