The Ascendance of Harley Quinn

Since her first appearance in 1991, Harley Quinn—eccentric female sidekick to the Joker—has captured the attention of readers


Unraveling Oliver

In this “compelling, clever, and dark” (Heat magazine) thriller, a man’s shocking act of savagery stuns a local community

The Switch

IMAGINE THAT you could change your world with the flip of a switch. You might be prettier, more athletic, more popular, or even living on an exotic island, because your history—your world line—would be different. But here’s the catch: you have no way of knowing if the reality on the other side of that switch will…

How to Change a Life

A dare between friends leads to startling revelations and simmering tensions in the latest novel from the author of Wedding Girl.

Goodnight Boy

A tale of two very different worlds, both shattered by the loss of loved ones.


With life-or-death stakes and irreversible consequences, Poison is a chilling and irresistible reminder that the closest bond designed to protect and provide for each other and for children can change in a minute.

Lilac Lane

No one writes about friends, family and home better than Sherryl Woods.

Siege of Shadows

Maia and the other Effigies seek out the true origins of the Phantoms that terrorize their world in this thrilling follow-up to Fate of Flames

The Emerald Circus

n Jane Yolen’s first full-length collection in more than ten years, discover find new and uncollected tales of beloved characters, literary legends, and much more.

The Lost Causes

They’re the kids that no one knows — or no one wants to know.